Donzi 26 ZX

Pwllheli, UK

For Sale



2000 / 2001 Donzi 26 ZX

The boat is a real head turner and gets a lot of attention wherever it goes, its a rare sight in the United Kingdom / North Wales where it is located

It Competed in the Cowes Poole Cowes in 2009

Its a quick yet safe boat with great handling, the twin step hull takes the sea amazingly and you forget you are in a 26ft boat

Everything has been done correctly to handle her more than average power level from fully braced engine mounts to full external hydraulic steering and big tabs to keep the handling in check. Incredible sound, you are heard across the water long before you are seen

Full Boat Spec:
540cui/8.8l Raylar fuel injected
New 600hp engine installed mid 2019, parts imported to the UK and built by West Coast Marine
Whipple flashed custom ECU
PSI block
Fully Forged engine
Raylar cool gap intake manifold
Accufab throttle body
Raylar BP aluminium heads
Raylar 600hp+ cam
New high flow oil pump
Closed Cooled and new closed cooling circ pump
Large oil and power steering cooler
Hardin Marine stainless raw water pump (you still change the cheap impellers but not the expensive housings)
Spare impeller and wear plate kit for the stainless pump
EMI E-top exhaust manifolds
O2 bungs added on each for setup
Tails Pipes out of the transom
Hardin Marine stainless flappers
New injectors
New ignition coils
New starter motor
Fuelab digital fuel system
Brushless variable speed fuel pump
Sensored digital return to tank regulator
Large Hardin Marine sea strainer (fed from both drive and transom pickup so plenty of water flow for this large engine)
Blow off valve to dump excess water pressure overboard
10 break-in hours then checks and fluid changes and around 10 hours more general use (surprisingly good on fuel considering its size and tune)
Bravo XR drive (recently serviced with new driveshaft (had some seal wear) and UJ, gears looking perfect and oil changed every season as a preventative measure, always found to be clean with clear magnets
Hardin Marine large top plate drive shower to cool gear case
WPM full hydraulic steering (helm to external twin rams, everything is solid with no play power steering from the engine)
Hardin Marine 18" large trim tabs (all hoses have just been replaced. mechanical drive and tab indicator cables all replaced before this season and set up)
Gaffrig Gauges all work apart from fuel pressure as no sender on this current setup
Autometer GPS speedo (stores max speed and show other data)
Mechanical trim gauge for drive and tabs
Separate Gear and Throttle levers / Twin Throttles
Driver and Navigator kill cords as required by UIM race rules
Added Bluetooth head unit in there
Pop up mooring cleats all around and special mushroom and pin cleats for attaching fenders (keeps everything neat and flush while at sea)
New full fitted boat cover at the start of this season from Brookes (plenty of straps for security, covers the entire top of the boat and down past rub rail)
Purple tonneau cover (requires a replacement but is fine for dry overnight use)
Bravo 4 blade P28 Prop
Bravo 4 blade P30 Prop (had work)
New purple Hardin Marine gauge bezel set NOT fitted
Spare impeller and wear plate kit for the Hardin Marine raw water pump
Spare fuel pump which requires testing but will include
Fender pins for rear fenders which had to be imported and will include 4 fenders
Set of Donzi branded dock lines following colour theme of the boat, 2x yellow, 2x purple, a nice touch in the marina.

Twin axle Venture American style trailer. Bunked with PTFE slide strips so easy to get the boat on the trailer and no damp carpet touching hull,
Long drawbar so no wet wheels on the tow vehicle, tows very nicely for the size
This has been converted with custom made shorter axles and a new hitch and is now UK spec (documentation included proving this) Has been used for launching for several years, brakes are removed but the trailer could be fully serviced and made road-ready easily. Includes front launching wheel (trailer can be backed in with towing extension or slings using this wheel)

Hull is in great condition for age, some small scuffs as to be expected but it is a very clean boat, Polishes up very nicely, Never antifouled as it lives on the Trailer so doesn't spend months on end in the Marina

Windscreen great condition and no cracks

Cabin great condition, Great layout and size for a boat of this size
Cabin carpet good
Added Bluetooth head unit in there also
A small chemical toilet that has never been used under the current Owner

Cockpit in excellent condition for the age of the boat

Engine hatch sun pad is in generally good condition but may need attention at some point as there is a small split at the rear in vinyl where the hatch was lifted right up to remove it from hinges for engine swap

Engine hatch lift electric rams need attention they only lift with some help but would benefit from a Bennett hydraulic system now

Front bolster seats both raise and lower electrically, passenger side recently stopped coming all the way up

Garmin 527xs and 721 networked plotters NEGOTIABLE on sale price

Paperwork for everything purchased and all work done under the current boat owner
Build pics for engine available
The boat has been brought up to a much higher standard than when purchased

£45,000 Be the envy of all your friends and family with this serious piece of kit

Agent kontaktieren

Matthew Jobson-Bird

+44 7733 222 626


540 CUI / 8.8 L V8


Bravo XR Outdrive




356 Ltr / 78.3 G


8.05 M


2.59 M


22 °


2,500 KG

Höchstgeschwindigkeit (ca.)

66 KTS / 76 MPH

Reisegeschwindigkeit (ca.)

45 KTS / 50 MPH


Bravo 4 blade P28 / Bravo 4 blade P30 (had work)